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"After suffering neck and back injuries during a debilitating motor vehicle accident, I felt I was losing mobility and freedom to do the things I loved. Before seeking Caroline's massage therapy services, I consistently experienced severe headaches and neck pain, which resulted in my missing work and left me unable to play sports, go snowboarding and surfing, and keep up with my small children. I have been seeing Caroline consistently for three years. Through her skills and specific techniques, Caroline has been instrumental in helping me to overcome the limitations of my injuries and regain my active life-style. I am now able to play baseball, basketball, paddle-board, snowboard, and take an active role in my children’s lives with less referred pain or headache symptoms.  Honestly, I was skeptical when my doctor initially recommended massage therapy, but Caroline's technical and thorough approach to my particular problem was effective in creating immediate positive change in my range of motion and reducing my overall pain symptoms. She has been helpful in helping me to better understand my injuries and has shown me how to take care of my body to maintain mobility and my physique. I would happily and confidently recommend Caroline's services to anyone seeking to prevent or treat injuries." -Geoff


"A few years ago I started suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain. Between working out of my vehicle, playing sports and poor sleeping positions, I was constantly nursing something.  I was referred by a friend to a massage clinic and that is when I met Caroline, she has been treating me ever since.  Caroline is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. She is passionate in what she does and it shows by the care and effort she puts in to each massage.  Caroline's treatments have been very effective for me, I no longer have the constant aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and back.  I always leave my appointment with Caroline feeling relaxed, happy and excited to come back in two weeks!" -Carolyn


"Caroline Krahe, RMT treatment has been pivotal in my recovery from chronic pain in the upper back, scapular region. Her massage technique and relaxing yet professional environment yields significant healing results. Being on my feet all day at work, martial arts student and mom of two, I need my regular treatments with Caroline to keep me going. I look forward eagerly towards each treatment!" -Dr. Katrine B. Hegillman